Studio 99
Director Hopi Allard
DOP Cedric Schanze

Haig x Scotland

David Beckham uncovers the efforts made by his own whisky brand, HAIG Club, to maintain its reputation as one of the most sustainable distilleries in the world.

Our Approach

In this film, Studio 99 presents a return to the traditions of Haig Club during a period in which the brand is continuously evolving against the ever-changing cultural landscape. We filmed David as he returned to Scotland, a location seeped in history and home to some of the world’s best Scotch whiskies. To blend Haig’s rich Scottish milieu with its modern mercurial being we didn’t want to explore typical Scotland instead we chose to shoot David unlocking a more diverse, stylish and contemporary Scotland.

As a full service production company, Studio 99 created the film and photography assets for amplification across all platforms. Our assets explore David as he goes on a journey to meet the makers of the Haig Club and discover the hidden gems of Scotland along the way.

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