Studio 99
Available on Paramount+
DirectorsNick Mattingly, Patrick Nation, Sophie Donovan, Tom Wilde
Series ProducerTom Wilde
Co-ProducersStory Films
Executive ProducersNicola Howson, David Gardner, Peter Beard and Adam Hopkins
ProducerJosef Kaplicky

Fever Pitch: The Battle for the Premier League

Streaming exclusively on Paramount+ on the 7th of May, Fever Pitch: The Battle For The Premier League explores the Premier League’s coming-of-age story as it became a Billionaire’s Game.

In this 4 part series, Fever Pitch’s second instalment, we explore the decade that money ruled at both ends of the table. It’s the story of rich and poor, tragedy and triumph, truth and corruption. The Battle for the Premier League examines such an era through the often conflicting sides of the story, from Mourinho to Redknapp lives at the top often contrasted to lives at the bottom with teams like Leeds United and Southampton desperately trying to stay afloat in a world they can barely afford to inhabit.

Following the success of Fever Pitch: The Rise of the Premier League, Studio 99 partnered once more with Story Films to exhibit how the world’s most famous league was transformed by a tsunami of international wealth. Studio 99 collaborated with Story Films on the editorial as well as partnering with key talent such as Jose Mourinho, Wayne Rooney and Arsène Wenger.

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